Making piercing jewelry "permanent"

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I am intrigued by the idea of making jewelry "permanent" or impossible to remove without extreme measures. I have discussed it with other pierced people and all agree that the idea is a real turn-on. But I am very concerned about the potentially disastrous consequences it might cause in the event of various sorts of medical emergencies.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Wed, June 21, 2006 - 11:12 PM
    Thats a really good question Dan
    I know that 20 years in the medical field,the current thing to do is,as in an emergency heart attack, or a badly injured person,the Med techs at the scene remove ALL Body Jewelry, It's known that if you have to use "Paddles" to restart a persons heart,if he/she has stainless body jewelry in place it can cuase a "reverse shock" effect and electrocute a person,not to mention serious burns where the jewelry is imbedded in the skin. Its for this reason and "sanitary" reasons that hospitalised paitients have their piercing jewelry removed by skilled staff.
    I was admitted three years ago with "chest Pain" and the first thing they did was remove my 8Guage Septum ring,and my OGuage PA ring. Their reason: "In case we have to shock you with the Paddles".
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      Thu, June 22, 2006 - 11:13 AM
      Yikes! I didn't know that.
      Say, pardon my ignorance, but what is an example of permanent piercing jewellery?
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        Thu, June 22, 2006 - 12:47 PM
        Well transdermals are permenant, as well as some people have been experiementing with threading gold chain through a fresh piercing and your skin heals through the loops in the chain and seals it in. I've seen it done on many different locations on the body.

        I would suggest going to and seeing what you can find on there. I've had many many pictures posted to that site, and currently I do have one permenant piercing though with a proper tug in a couple of directions and minor tearing and seperation of the skin it can be removed. But it's not a simple process by any means.
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        Fri, June 23, 2006 - 8:00 PM
        What I was referring to as permanent or impossible to remove without extreme measures was more like installing the balls on barbells using superglue or using screw heads that strip out (such as really overtightening socket head screws in rings with removable segments) so that special tools or saws or something would be needed to get them off. Alot of B/D&S/M literature refers to installing nipple rings, PA and cock rings and such permanently on slaves. Dominance of the person who receives the permanent jewelry is the recurrent theme. Some people get off on it either as the dom or the sub.
  • Dan,

    I am also intrigued by the idea of permanent piercing jewelry that is not removable to be used in standard piercings like ears and nipples. I don't feel that permanent jewelry would cause a problem in medical emergencies since I heard that in many cases the medical staff does not know enough about piercing jewelry to remove standard captive rings and end up cutting them anyway instead of removing the beads to get them out. Also, because you mentioned S&M applications, don't forget there are those who wear other kinds of permanent metal jewelry such as collars that can't be removed easily. Emergency personnel are fully capable of dealing with things like this if it would pose a safety risk.

    Just recently I have been wondering myself how standard piercing jewelry could be installed permanently into body piercings. I had seen mention of such permanent jewelry installations on Wikipedia and on the BME Encyclopedia but could not find any information on how it can be done. I posted the details to my question on Yahoo! Answers, where I also linked to the entries on the two sites I mentioned:

    The fact that tattoos are permanent is one of the things that makes them so attractive. While some may enjoy the temporary aspect of piercing, I would like to see ways that they can be made more permanent. For this reason, transdermals and chain piercings are also a real turn-on and it would be great to be able to say the same thing about other piercings as well. If you have any ideas or suggestions I would love to discuss them.

    • Rick having recently read about chain piercings on BME I am at once interested and kind of spite of the fact that I have a permanent stud in my right ear! The idea of as described in an article in BME, of passing a chain through the arm muscle sounds agonising, although the same idea could be done elsewhere such as the ear. Certainly i am in love with the idea of permanent piercings, and permanent jewellery of other sorts- I have heavy stainless bracelets on both wrists which will have to be cut off.
      This is a fascinating topic.
    • Hi all I am a Rn in an ER. I am also a professional piercer. Although I have never placed a permanent piece, I can attest that if I need to remove a taper, cbr ect. I try to get it off the normal way. Also many hospitals also give inservices to the staff on how to remove and preserve the pierce. but if its an emergency well you know..Its gonna go. For a foley cath, or an emergent MRI ( which all metal MUST be removed, for risk of arching and you being set on fire). other wise The piece is left in. even for surgery. Many people refuse to remove their wedding rings or religious medals. These are usually cleansed with betadine and tapped in place. perm. ear nipple jewlery should be treated the same. We would rather clean and tape than cut then risk infection by cutting off stuff. Now with that said if you have perm nipple stuff and you have chest pain ect, The piece is gonna go.. b/c you have to have a EKG/ECG and the metal could again arch or otherwise interfere with the procedure.
    • My heavy stainless steel ear stud, that I have described in here, is migrating out...there is a slot developed at the top of the piercing hole, and the piercing definitely is lower in the ear than it used to be...seems like I either have the stud cut off here and now (probably painful and bloody) or one morning the stud plinks out onto my breakfast eggs!
      Piercings can be odd, in the way they 'take' or not. I suppose that is part of the fascination. I had looked forward for years to having my nipples pierced, but did not have the nerve....then I finally got them done, and they migrated out after six months.
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    Sun, October 1, 2006 - 8:24 AM
    I have a permanent right ear piercing, it is a stud I made myself from 316L medical stainless. The stud has a 16mm diameter by 4mm thick round head, the body of the stud is a taper pin 8mm at it's thickest down to around 5mm, about 25mm long. This is pressed through my 8mm lobe piercing. What makes it permanent is twofold: one is that just behind the head, ie where the stud sits in the ear, the pin has a deep groove, so once the pin is pushed into place the piercing has healed down to the diameter of the groove. Secondly there is a split ring of stainless, about 4mm wide by 3mm thick, pressed onto the pin on the opposite side of the ear to the head, so the ear is sandwiched between the split ring and the head. The split ring grips the top edge of the taper and will not pull off.
    It almost takes as long to describe it as it did to make it! As far as I can see it's on for keeps, only way out is to cut it off which will involve blood.....
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    Sun, December 3, 2006 - 12:13 AM
    I have permanet ankle shackles that I have worn now for 11 years.
    no rivets, no screws.... they are welded on.
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      Thu, January 4, 2007 - 12:03 PM
      I would love to talk to amy about her ankle shackles but she does not seem to be available...amy if you are out there....please get in touch.
      I know as a local (Sheffield UK) friend, he makes stainless steel chastity belts and bondage jewellery such as collars, cuffs and anklets. When I first met him about eight years ago he was making a set of ear piercing weights for a guy in London, these weights ranged in diameter from about 1" to 2", in 1/8" steps, about half an inch wide in solid stainless. As Tollyboy commented at the time, 'his lobes will be down to the floor". Does anyone in here wear such extreme ear weights?
      Ref amy's shackles, one potential problem is that it is not unknown for people to trip over an obstacle and sprain their ankle. I love the idea of permanent ankle shackles, but the problem of what happens if you sprain your ankle has put me off up to now. If amy has worn hers for 11 years without incident that is an encouragement for me.
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    Wed, December 27, 2006 - 12:32 AM
    I had an emergency abdominal operation in August 2006 and the surgeon decided not to remove any of my piercings, and not to tape them up. His anaesthetist chose a mixture of gasses that were inert - they mentioned a bi polar procedure - so the PA, frenum, dydoes and scrotal ladder survived intact (as incidentally did I).

    So permanent piercings ought not to involve a medical risk of this kind.

    Any good jeweller could make any ring piercing permanent by simply fusing the ball closure to the ring itself.
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    Sat, January 6, 2007 - 12:46 PM
    My main worry would be the defib paddles. My father spent most of his life sick with a birth defect of the heart. His last few years he was in regularly for hearth problems and pacemaker issues.

    I've seen them used, and I would not want arching or the serious burning that could come with it.

    Other than that, I think it would truly be awesome to have permanent jewelry or a collar. But for now, I'll stick to my leather and titanium...
  • Making piercing jewelry "permanent"

    Thu, March 28, 2013 - 1:58 AM
    It's now been a year since I permanently fixed my 12mm thick PA ring. Before I did this I wore the ring for three months only taking it out for cleaning, to make sure I was happy with it. The biggest issue I had was gunge building up in the securing screw hole and the joining faces of the ring.
    Both problems were cured by fixing the ring together with epoxy adhesive, including the securing screw. These joints have held very well and prevent gunge build up.
    The filling of the access screw hole is vulnerable and I've had to refill it twice. On the second occasion I took the opportunity to drill out the screw slots in the securing screw (not that it would have been possible to unscrew it since the screw was set with epoxy as well) but to make sure that the glue was attached to clean metal.
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    Wed, September 25, 2013 - 1:49 AM
    I have looked into this matter for years and i wear perment piercings for years. I have two rings through teh forescin of titanium which are sealed by a a golden tube, and i had a PA permentently closed the same way.
    praticly there are three ways to close rings permanently. 1. crimping like done on e me, 2. screw closing ynd drill out the the screw so it can not been taken out anymore 3. welding - this requires a silicon tube around the metal part through the body, or better a tunnel, and requires a very expensive jewelery micro welding device, but it is possible

    I had a magnetresonance tomography and i was requested to take the piercing out, as it was not possible, it was not a problem either as they where titanium and 18k gold and did not head up at all.
    On nipple piercings i would see the argument of the need to take it out., as well i would not use steel as it heads up in electromagnatical fields.
    I currently plan to install 3Dsintered titanium tunnels with rough spongugeus surface in slaves labia so they will nicely heal in and can not be removed without cut them out, which will even leave bigger holes. This may be usable for nipples as well, people with stands in the heart blood lines and paemakers can use HRT as well, so i do not believe that there is any problem as long the contact pate do not get in electrical contact with the plates.


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